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Blazing Kitchen has a wealth of experience in TV Catering in Ireland.

Since first being commissioned by RTE  for their TV crime drama series “ Making the Cut “ in 1996. We have gone on to work on scores of other dramas.

Our list is too vast to put on the website but we have mentioned a few,but some locations stand out more than others and the memories of these productions are still vivid today.

Following on from “ Making the Cut “ we were commissioned by the BBC for their Drama Series “Falling for a Dancer ” written by our own Deirdre Purcell.

Filmed in the beautiful West Cork Beara Peninsula and in  Kenmare, on the ring of Kerry, this production was where we cut our teeth in the difficult area of TV Catering . We worked in areas where lunch had to be sent to set by horse back, and every day presented its new challenges. Challenges which we warmly embraced and succeeded with.

Today nearly 20 years later we still embrace challenge and strive to provide our clients with the best possible solution to suit their budget and supply a premium food service on location.

Our investment in resources and in quality staff ensure that we remain at the forefront of innovation and service in this ever changing and challenging environment. Our wealth of experience has taught us to listen to the needs of our clients and our motto is “ We never say no “

At Blazing Kitchen our customers are not just people they are very important people

Blazing Kitchen

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The following are a selection of TV Shows we have been privileged to cater for. 
Making the Cut
Silent Witness
Fair City
The Clinic
Never Grow Old
Jack Taylor
Moone Boy